Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Build a Factory - By Kevin

WALT persuade to build a factory on our courts.

I know I have learned this by making three reasons why we should build a factory, and by making a conclusion. My digital object shows why we should build a astonishing factory.

These are my reasons and conclusion.

Building a factory is fantastic because we will get CCTV. We should let them build a factory because we will get CCTV.  Also it would be easier to find the criminal, because the  face will be in the camera. Even it will be easier to spot a fire and our Chromebooks will be safe.

We should build a factory so kids can design their own playground. We will be happy to design our own special playground. Kids will be happy, kids will be joyful, kids will be great. Children will believe they should design their own playground because we will be able to play on our new fantastic playground.

Building a factory is Marvelous because we will get free food. We will get to eat and experience their food. St. Patrick's children will be wanting to have their delicious food. After St. Patrick's children have eaten their food, they might even want to work in the factory when they grow up.

If we build a fantastic factory we will be amazed and excited to go on, and play on the new gleaming playground. We might even get delicious free food. Our school will be safe just because CCTV stays of 24/7. 

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Scary Numbers - Chaim

 WALT make big scary numbers in times tables easier.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Way of the World - Elaine

 The Way Around The World

A group of Children were sitting on wooden gate there was one girl and three boys. They were all sitting together,then Biddy picked a pumpkin stalk and climbed for a little rest. Then they jumped off the gate. Biddy came up with an idea she said to the other boys, "let’s make our own band" They knew that Mr Cooper wouldn't mind them picking some pumpkin stalks but Mr Coopers wasn't really their friend.

The Main Point of the story is that Biddy and her friends made a band a said that the way of the world. The way of the world means that, that is just how things are, even if they don't seem very fair.

In Room 5 for reading kit Kat's group have been reading a book about the way of the world I have wrote a summary of what the story is and what the main point of the story is this is what I wrote in my own words and this is a picture of the main point.  

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Filters- Vine


                                                    WALT separate an insoluble mixture

In Room 5 we have been making a filter with our groups. I know that insoluble means two materials can't mix. We made filters because that is a way to separate the two materials. Our groups filter almost won but we didn't.

This is me and my group's creation. We separated water from glitter.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Respecting Gods Gift- By Folau

In Room 5 we are learning to eat the right food for our body's because God made us and we have to respect him. God made fruits so we can stay healthy forever. I know that I have learnt it by looking at the food pyramid and seeing what to eat lots and what to eat sometimes. This is My food pyramid.