Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival - Magic Teacher

This has been our first year learning with our chromebooks. One of the first things we learnt was how to carry our chromebook. Carrying our chromebook open is the wrong thing to do. When carrying your chromebook have the lid closed and hold it with two hands. If we need to get out of or in a chair we leave the chromebook on our desk. We have not had one broken chromebook in Room 5 this year!

We have an important message to share but we also wanted it to be funny so our audience could be entertained. We are looking forward to people seeing our movie on the Xtreme Screen and hope they remember our magical message. 

by Greshka and Anna

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pure God by -Room Five

WALT create a prayer for the people undergoing purgatory We know we have done this when we can write a prayer for those people who are getting ready to be the best person they can be and go into Heaven to spend eternity with God. This is the prayer we created as a class for the people undergoing purgatory. Dear Pure God Thank you for the people you have created that have had a fulfilling life on earth The people in purgatory are reflecting on their action on earth so that they can become their best self just like You. Please may you have understanding and guide them to be be with You in Heaven We promise that we will follow you and become holy people just like the Saints with you in Heaven. Amen Make sure you check out our Blogs for some more prayers :D

Monday, 4 November 2013

We Want To Be Saints

We are learning to recognise that Saints and Inspiring People live holy lives .

We know this because we talked about the differences between Saints and Inspiring people and saw that Saints are Inspiring People but they honor and respect God. We decided that we would like to be Saints too!