Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Healing Prayer

In Room we are learning about the Sacraments that heal people. We know that people can be hurt in mind, body and soul. The Sacraments that heal people are the Sacrament of Penance where you say sorry for your sins and ask for forgiveness so your soul can be healed. Anointing of the sick blesses those who are sick in body or mind.
We have been writing prayer that are focused around healing. This is the prayer we wrote together. Check out our blogs for the ones we have created ourselves.

Healing God
Thank you for my good health in mind body and soul. Thank you for doctors and nurses who help us when we get sick they are able to give us the things we need to be better.
Sometimes I am hurt in soul and I do bad things like sware, hurt others or lie. That is when I need to confess to the Priest and say sorry to you!
I ask for your forgiveness and that you see I am truly sorry.
I'll try my best to remember to respect the holy commandments.



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