Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Tricky Mrs Richardson

WALT read and follow instructions.

It was late in the afternoon and Mrs R gave us a task. We had to follow the instruction and Mrs R said that there was a trick. She even said that if we got all the instructions right she would give us $20. We were only allowed 10mins to complete all our instructions and there were some really hard ones. We all got to work. All of us wanted that $20!

It was really disappointing that none of us finished even half of the tasks before the time was up. We complained that it was impossible!

Then..... Mrs R read the instructions to us while we listened...... As it turns out.... we missed the first instruction..... the most important one.

It said to read all the instructions carefully before starting. The last instruction was forget the instructions just put your name on the sheet and hand it into your teacher!

..... She tricked us!

.......But, we did learn that we have to read carefully and look at every instruction.


Harry said...

Hi Saint Patrick's school
Your blog post on Tricky Mrs Richardson was like a trick, I wonder if you actually did complete the task will she give you $20

From Harry

Unknown said...

Hi Harry
Thank you for your comment! We have Room Five money that we can use to pay for Room Five rewards. I would have defiantly given out $20 Room Five dollars :D

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