Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Murky Mud to Chrystal Clear

We have been talking about the Waikato River and how we can use it. We thought the most important way people use the River is to drink from it. We know the Waikato River is really dirty. We would not drink from the river because we may end up in the hospital. We were thinking about ways it could be cleaned. We thought that if we added clean water to the dirty water it would become clean again. We did an experiment. We put coffee and glitter into a cup of clean water. Then we added clean water to see if it would be all clean. It was still dirty but there was more water in our cup. We had to keep thinking...... We came up with an idea that we could use a machine that had tiny holes so the water could get through but the dirt would get stuck. Mrs Richardson gave use a filter that we used to strain our dirty water. A filter is like a bag with tiny holes in it. When we strained our dirty water threw the filter, the glitter got stuck but, the water was still brown from the coffee. The water was lighter than before. We came to the conclusion that you could clean the water from the Waikato River using a huge filter.


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